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She's salty

There's no secret to living better, let alone looking better that we don't already know. You've heard it all, bought most of what was sold as "must-have" products and been disappointed by much of it. I won't use silly marketing tactics on you. I respect you too much. Here's our deal: you want great formulas designed for our skin, you've found your brand.


Maxine's Revenge is inspired by the years I lived and worked in Paris. It's not a young place. Women of a certain age own that city. They move into 40+ without demeuring into pastel sweater sets and ballet flats. They still have an edge. It's hard to explain, you know it when you see it. It's a WIP, but I aspire to update what being 40+ (50+, 60+ etc) really looks like for women like us. IFKYK.


Our first product is French Face Concealer Concentrate. We launched mid November '23 on TikTok and were sold out by January '24. It was thrilling and overwhelming. We got back in stock by April and have been going strong since then.

We're working on more complexion winners, however we won't launch anything until it's better than the best that's already out there that makes our skin [thin, dry, textured, discolored and wrinkled] look beautiful. Stay tuned.

Now available on Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, and of course, TikTok.


My first beauty job was as the Marketing Director for way back in 1998 when Sephora first came to the US.  

I went on to work for Smashbox, Sephora (again, based in Paris HQ), Too Faced (the memories!), Sephora (based in Singapore), Too Faced (again!), Gucci Beauty in Paris, and now, Maxine's Revenge in So. California.

I've tested well over 1000 formulas in makeup and skincare over decades of working with brands all over the world. By now, I know what works, what doesn't, what's just fun hype, and what has the potential to be category leaders. I'm fair but especially picky about what works best for skin that's seen a thing or two.