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sound like you?

Maxine is my alter ego and maybe yours too. She’s lived through some THINGs. She's stronger than she knew. Now, she’s out to become who she was always meant to be and look fierce doing it.  Stay out of her way. 


Women 40+ matter. We've got buying power and are even more invested in beauty today than we were 20+ years ago, yet we don't see ourselves reflected in the Beauty Industry. We only feature models or real-people 40+.

Formulas are created by and tested on the same. We don't talk about menopause or "aging". That's not how we define ourselves. This is a beauty brand - for us. Simple. 

​Maxine's Revenge is inspired by those who've seen a thing or two, who cultivate their own style vs fitting into a static idea of what "pretty" is. Or was..


Living in Paris, I fell in love with the way French women elegantly move into their 40s and beyond. I want that for women everywhere.


Our first product is French Face, Concealer Concentrate. This is a lab-release version which means small-batch, limited shade range with more to come in Spring 2024. 

 I'm not an influencer, but I'm often asked about foundations, color-matching, concealers and more. And almost daily, I'm asked about my skincare routine. To address these questions, I created helpful product rankings "Guides" for well over 100 products - now accessible online (easy to read and sort). And I keep adding as I try more formulas.

My priority is building Maxine's Revenge, focused on complexion that looks like skin throughout the day, feels good to wear, and doesn't settle  or cake.


My first beauty job was as the Marketing Director for way back in 1998 when Sephora first came to the US.  

I went on to work for Smashbox, Sephora (again, based in Paris HQ), Too Faced (magical times!), Sephora (based in Singapore), Too Faced (again!), Gucci Beauty in Paris, and now, Maxine's Revenge in So. California.

I've tested well over 1000 formulas across makeup, skincare, haircare and all the other categories and I've developed a discerning sense for what's worth the money vs what's fun hype.

There's room for both.

I'm glad you're here